10 Marketing Ideas for Photographers

10 Marketing Ideas for Photographers

Today I’m sharing 10 marketing ideas specifically for photographers. The photography industry is becoming more and more saturated like most markets and it can be tough to know how to stand out and get consistent clients.

That’s why I put together a list of 10 things you can start implementing TODAY to help you broaden your reach to potential clients. Let me know in the comments below which idea are you most excited to try? I would love to support you! Bonus: I even filmed a video talking about all these ideas and posted it at the bottom of this blog if you would prefer to watch.

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  1. Caption Contest: Find a fun/dramatic photo that you need help creating a caption for on Instagram or Facebook and say, “Caption Contest: Winner of my favorite caption gets a $5 gift card to (coffee shop of your choice)”. This is an easy way for your audience to engage with your content.
  2. Guest Post: Look at brands you love and are already using (especially if they are a local brand). Reach out to them tell them how much you love their product or service and that you would love the opportunity to guest post on their blog or be on their podcast.
    Ask that brand to be on your blog/podcast.
  3. Go Live With a Past Client: Invite one of your favorite past clients to hop on an Instagram or Facebook live with you to give their testimonial. Be sure to prep them with the questions you are going to ask them beforehand so they can be prepared and feel confident.
  4. Film a “What’s In My Bag” Video: Whether you go live or just film it for your Instagram stories. People love knowing what equipment you use and this is a fun way to come off as the expert.
  5. Handwritten Note to Past Client: This is a great way to get business if you need too. Look to people who have already said ‘yes’ to you and write them a note saying you are thinking about them and as a reminder if you need an updated family portrait you are now booking for the (xyz season).
  6. Solid Elevator Pitch: Create your perfect 30 second elevator pitch so next time someone asks you, “what do you do?” you’ll be able to wow them with a confident and clear answer. People can’t book you for a service they don’t know you offer! Be sure your pitch includes what you do, who you serve, your location and how you can help others.
  7. Create a Digital Business Card: Create a photo of your contact info (you can use canva or photoshop) and save it on your camera roll so you can easily send and show it to someone you are talking to and they can’t just throw it away.
  8. Concept Photoshoot to Collaborate: Create a fun themed photoshoot and invite a couple businesses to collaborate. They can donate an item or service to the photoshoot in return for high quality images they can use for their marketing.
  9. Engage With the Audience You Already Have: Take 10 minutes a day to comment on 5-10 of your follower’s accounts. Make these comments genuine and more then, “cute!” This further creates the know, like, trust factor which is really important to those that already follow you.
  10. Share More About You: Share more of your face and personal life. Doesn’t have to be super in depth, but even a post about 10 fun facts about you so your audience can connect with you as a real person.

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