How To Have the Perfect Girls Night

Girls Night, Nampa senior photographer, Michelle Nichols Photography

Time to celebrate your girl squad, your ‘ride or die’ friends, your girls you told secrets to that will be going to the grave with you…with the ultimate girls night! If you are the hostess, here are some ideas to wow your girlfriends and set the stage to laugh until your sides hurt.

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  1. Face Masks:

  • You can definitely just do some DIY masks:: Like this Charcoal Face Mask from Pinterest or I would recommend getting a variety of sheet masks so you all can try different ones. Then proceed with taking a ridiculous amount of Instagram stories with your masks on 😉 

2. Make A Music Video:

  • Set up your phone with an easy gooseneck clip stand so you can be hands free while you record, blast some JT & the Queen B and laugh at yourselves during the playback!

3. DIY Photobooth:

  • Gather a variety of colored construction paper, straws, stencils (optional), glue/tape, scissors, markers and have everyone create a prop for your photobooth. Think of easy shapes such as; mustache, tear drop, crown or heart. Then cut the shapes out and glue them at the top of the straw so you can hold them up and use them for your photos! BONUS ** get some glitter to snazz up the props!
  • For the backdrop just get a couple yards of some cute fabric or even just a large sheet of colored paper (such as the ones of those big rolls) you can get at Target or Walmart. Then just tape up to a wall or corner of your house, grab your props and have fun! You can either get another person to take the photos or put your phone on a 10 sec timer.

  • Another cute photo prop idea that could turn into a keepsake: Make a photo frame (rectangle with a square cut out) and have everyone sign it. That way not only can you use it for a prop, but keep it as a keepsake.

4. Movie Night Snacks:

  • No girl’s night is complete without lots of drinks and snacks! Some ideas could be: fruit or veggie try, chips & salsa, popcorn and candy snack bar or even an ice cream bar. Anytime you set a up ‘bar’ style for groups its nice because everyone can customize their snack.
  • For drinks try putting lemonade and frozen strawberries in a blender to make strawberry lemonade! You can put them in mason jars and even get cute striped straws to elevate the drinks.
  • Also get one of those clear water servers and put fresh strawberries, lemons, mint leaves in it to not only taste good but look ‘Instagram’ worthy for pictures! 

5. Party Favors:

  • Idea 1: Go to your local dollar store and get cute mason jars or cup of your choice and fill it with little goodies (i.e. nail polish, candy, little note pad, chapstick, etc…). Put a cute ribbon at the top and if you want to go above and beyond personalize it by putting their names on the jar/cup with a glitter pen.
  •  Idea 2: DIY lip scrubs: you can get the little jars at a dollar store, decorate them how you want, then melt some coconut oil and combine with honey and brown sugar and wah-lah! Your own sugar scrub perfect for getting that summer pout ready!
  • Party favors are an easy way to make your girl squad feel special!

That’s it! Those are my top 5 tips to creating the ultimate girls night out for your squad! I want to hear from you! Comment below your favorite tip!

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