How To Dress A Rectangle Body Shape

Rectangle Shape Body, Michelle Nichols Photography

You may struggle with wanting curves, but your straight body line is coveted by most models because you can wear pretty much anything!

Celebrity body look-a-likes: Natalie Portman, Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Kidman.

Key Takeaway: We want to help create the illusion of curves.

DISCLAIMER: You can honestly wear whatever makes you feel beautiful and confident in! These are just basic guidelines to what is usually the most flattering for a rectangle shape. Don’t forget though: you do you boo!¬†

Top Do’s:

  • Fitted blazers define the waist and create curves
  • You can play around with flowy tops and embellishments along the bust line to add volume
  • Blouses are made for you, they create the feminine aspect with their flowy tops and will be easy to fit on your body since they don’t usually have a lot of stretch in them

Rectangle Shape Body, Michelle Nichols Photography


Top Dont’s:

  • Avoid vertical strips as the will only enhance the illusion of a straight body line
  • Square necklines are not going to be the most flattering for you
  • Fitted tops, unless you have a voluminous bottom skirt/pants to add shape to the body line

Bottom Do’s:

  • Peplum skirts! They do the work for you on creating curves
  • Big back pockets
  • Skinny jeans! You can play with texture too such as leather pants

Rectangle Shape Body, Michelle Nichols Photography

Bottom Dont’s:

  • Straight skirts
  • Oversized wide legged pants
  • baggy styles that have no shape

Dress Do’s:

  • Scooped neck wrap dresses that define the waistline and then flow away from the body will help create curves
  • Two pieces such as a crop top and pencil skirt will really help break up the body line and give the illusion of more curves
  • Ruched flowy dresses are also going to work in your favor

Rectangle Shape Body, Michelle Nichols Photography

Dresses Dont’s:

  • Body cons or tube like dresses
  • T shirt/sweater type dresses

Was this your body shape? What other tips do you have for a rectangle shaped body?

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