How To Dress An Apple Shape Body

Apple Shape Body, Michelle Nichols Photography

Does this describe you? Your shoulders and waistline are about the same and then your hips narrow. If that’s you, then your body most resembles an apple shape body type.

Celebrity body look-a-likes: Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore and Jessica Simpson.

Key Takeaway: We want to balance out the body line, by slimming the top and drawing attention to your slim hips and legs.

DISCLAIMER: You can honestly wear whatever makes you feel beautiful and confident in! These are just basic guidelines to what is usually the most flattering for an apple shape. Don’t forget though: you do you boo! 

Top Do’s:

  • V-necks are going to do wonders for you! It will help slim down the look of your shoulders and bring attention down to your hips and amazing legs.
  • Layering is going to be a good option for you. Go for a flowy top/tank and pair it with a nice jacket to add shape and illusion of a smaller waistline.
  • Halter tops are also going to flatter you and slim down the shoulders.

Apple Shape Body, Michelle Nichols Photography

Top Dont’s:

  • Tiered/layered or ruffles tops that will add volume
  • Heavy detailing or embellishment around the waist
  • Shapeless tops IF not paired with anything to add structure or define the waistline

Bottom Do’s:

  • Show off those legs in some amazing mid rise shorts
  • Opt for tall knee high boot to accent your legs
  • Straight leg or wide legs pants are going to help balance out the body. You can even play around with lighter washes.

Apple Shape Body, Michelle Nichols Photographypic creadit: mythtiftychic

Bottom Dont’s:

  • Stay away from high waisted shorts or pants
  • Although your legs can totally pull off tight pants, keep in mind you don’t want your top half to look larger than it is by slimming down your legs even further. If you are going with a slim jean, make sure your waistline is well defined.
  • Pencil skirts.

Dress Do’s:

  •  Wrap dress with a v cut neckline and empire waist!
  • One-shoulder dresses are also a great choice for apples (look for dresses the hit at or above your knee).
  • Structure dresses that will do the work for you in defining your waist line.

Apple Shape Body, Michelle Nichols Photography

Dresses Dont’s

  • Avoid glitter, flowers and other décor on the shoulders as they could make the figure top heavy.
  • Stay clear of body cons.
  • Maxi Floor length dresses.

Was this your body shape? What other tips do you have for an apple shaped body?

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