Marissa – Columbia High Senior

Meet Marissa! A Columbia High School Senior hoping to pursue art at BSU next year.

Marissa describes her style as simple, but cute. She loves fall and a cute sweater so a fall session was a must for her! She definitely wanted a very scenic background as well as some downtown images, so that’s what I gave her! It also was a must to involve her fur baby and best friend <3

Marissa’s definition of true beauty: “True beauty to me is someone who you can always rely on when you need to. Someone who is always kind and has a good spirit always trying to make others feel good and welcome no matter what may be happening in their life. They don’t let their problems effect other people in a negative way.”

Best advice you’ve ever been given: “If he really likes you then you won’t be confused.” (Can I get an amen ladies?!)

Why did you choose ME (Michelle Nichols Photography) for your senior portraits photographer?

“Honestly I just love your work, I think you’re really good and one of the best that I have seen on Instagram. I am really awkward and not really photogenic or anything and I felt like I needed someone good to make the photos turn out well. I like how blurred the background is in your photos and how the subject is focused on the person and it isn’t distracted by something else.”

Who is your favorite singer and/or band? “I don’t really have one, I mostly just go song to song I am into I think it is indie rock, but i am not 100% sure. And I like to listen to deep music that has a nice story that I most likely relate to.”

Is this girl a true artist or what? I complete understand where she is coming from!

I’m crushing on Marissa’s entire session and hope you are too!

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