Mobile Lightroom Presets

My heart is beating so fast friends! I’m cueing the confetti for real over here because I just launched my first pack of mobile Lightroom Presets!

Part of entrepreneurship that I love is constantly growing and expanding, but that doesn’t make it any easier!

My launch pack comes with 5 presets, 4 beautiful color presets and 1 black and white preset. These presets are beautiful, clean edits. They are what I actually use to edit my photos on my Instagram feed. Nothing crazy over the top saturated or colored.

I wanted this first preset pack to represent my style and brand. I wanted these presets to be useful for both your phone pictures and your nice digital SLR camera images.

Here is a preview of what they look like!


Q: What is a Preset?
A: It copies my editing settings and pastes them to your photos with just one click! Amazing!

Q: How many come in your launch preset pack:
A: 5! (Four color and one black and white)

Q: Does this work on my phone?
A: Yes! These presets will work on your phone and desktop version of Lightroom!

Q: How much are they?
A: You get ALL five for my launch price of only 9.99! That’s a steal!

Q: Does the Lightroom App cost anything?
A: Nope! The mobile Lightroom CC App is free as of right now! (09/19/19)

Q: How do I save these?
A: I recorded a step by step video on how to download and save my presets! See below


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