Nampa High Senior – Clancie

Meet Clancie! Clancie is a 2021 Nampa High School Senior and competitive swimmer. I’ve been lucky enough to have her on my Street Team the last couple years and we have always have a good time in our shoots and I knew her senior session wouldn’t disappoint!

Clancie is most excited about meeting new people after graduation and I know she will be successful in whatever area she decides to pursue because she is a really hard worker, independent and overall go-getter.

Clancie wanted her senior pictures to show how beautiful the world is. She loves flowers, water, trees and mountains. She also wanted to make sure to get images that captured her personality.

Therefore, we decided to do her senior session at sunrise and I absolutely loved the results! Let’s start with highlights from her first outfit and a few Q&A’s.

What’s your definition of true beauty? “I personally love myself without makeup, but I do wear just a little. I do like the natural look and I do think that it’s beautiful when people are happy. A smile and when people laugh is when I see how beautiful people are.”

What has been your FAVE high school memory so far? “I love being apart of Nampa High as the fourth generation to go there! I love going to football games because every Friday night I know my whole family is there because my dad shoots off the cannon. And I love being apart of the student section. I feel a sense of pride supporting.”

Best advice you have ever been given: “Enjoy high school while you can and do as many things as you can throughout your life because it will be over before you know it.”

Who is currently your favorite band/singer: “My favorite band is Midland. It’s a country band. Love country music. I also love George straight, Alan Jackson, Tyler Childers, Luke combs, and Toby Keith. I also love reggae and some good artist are common Kings, JBoog, the green, tribal seeds, Fiji, and Sammy Johnson. I love music :)”

Beautiful scenery? Check. Beautiful Senior? Check. Beautiful Senior Photos? Check. Check! It was an honor to be your senior photographer girl!

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