You asked and I answered! After years of being asked to create my own presets I'm finally launching my preset packs! These Lightroom presets will work for both desktop and mobile! These presets allow you to edit your photos like a pro with just one click!

From Custom Grad Cards to one click edits for that beautiful curated feed!

Class of 2020 it's time to order those gorgeous custom grad cards that will be on everyone's fridges!

My custom grad cards come in packs of 25 (5x7 double sided) grad cards with white envelopes! 

Once you place your order for how many cards you want, you will get my Gradalogue of the 20 different styles you get to choose from and instructions on how to customize your card! 

Discount for a limited time! (Ends March 6th)

5 beautiful Presets that were created to help you edit your photos with just one click!

These presets are more of a 'clean' edit, nothing over the top or obvious that you are using presets. Simple, beautiful and quick editing!  

video tutorial on how to download and install my presets! 

I have a video tutorial above that walks you step by step through the process of installing your presets for the first time. You will also get a link to my instructional pdf when you purchase a preset. 

question 04 : how do I install my presets?

Nope! The Lightroom CC App for your phone is FREE! If you want Lightroom on your desktop that is an additional purchase. 

question 03 : is the lightroom app an additional cost?

YES! I created these presets to work on your mobile devices and desktop! 

question 02 : Can I use this on my phone?

My launch pack comes with 5 different presets! One beautiful black and white preset as well as 4 different colored presets.

question 01 : how many presets does the launch pack come with?

If you have an older iPhone, try clicking the button in the lower right hand corner that looks like a compass. Also make sure your phone is updated.

question 05 : I'm having trouble downloading the presets with the link from the email

"I honestly think they're great! And I really like how you can tell the photo is edited but it's not like, 'wow that changed the color drastically of everything!' I think they're something that could be used on everything! Even with pictures that weren't taken with a good camera I think it still looks great on them! Nicely done! I even had high expectations because I've liked everything you've done."


"Working with Michelle was such an amazing experience! Having my makeup done made me feel so special. Michelle made me feel like a model after every picture. I was so thrilled with how all of my pictures turned out and I hope to get the chance to work with Michelle again!"


"I had never seen a bad picture taken by Michelle and I always wanted to see if she could do the same for me. Michelle made everything so simple and easy to understand. She knew how to position me just right and was amazing at picking out spots to take pictures. The pictures all looked gorgeous and I'm glad I went to Michelle for such quality work."


"My experience with Michelle was an absolute wonder. To say the least, I felt like a princess. I loved just hanging out with the team! She also knew which outfits I brought would work for the location. I left with a big smile on my face. Michelle didn't leave me hanging after the shoot. She walked us step by step on how to order photos."