Columbia High School Senior Photography – Alina

Meet Alina! This self proclaimed country girl wanted to make sure her senior pictures were taken in beautiful scenery with mountain views, fields and flowers. This pretty girl and her mama had me laughing throughout the entire session, she is the sweetest human and made my job so easy.

Alina is a 2021 Columbia High School Senior involved in leadership, national honors society and track as well as being a member of my 2021 Street Team!

Alina plans on continuing her education in nursing after graduation and I think she will be amazing at it.

I’m obsessed with her entire session so here are some highlights from her first outfit:

Alina’s definition of true beauty: “I think in the beginning of meeting someone, people look for the sparkle in the persons eyes, or how their smile lights up the room! But as times goes on beauty is defined more as the moments that inspire our souls just like true happiness. It’s when we find  what makes ourselves happy, that you can really see the beauty of a person. It’s definitely NOT the price tag on our clothes, or the brand of makeup we buy.”

What has been your FAVE high school memory so far? “My favorite all-time memory of high school was prom of 2019. I was a sophomore so it felt really special because sophomores are technically allowed to go to prom, but I got to go with an amazing guy who i am still with:) he was a junior at that time! I felt so beautiful and so special that night.”

Best advice you’ve ever been given: “Usually people who spread rumors are jealous or have something going on in their life, and feel like they need to bring down others! Don’t listen to them because you are perfect!”

How gorgeous is Alina?! Both inside and out, she definitely leads with a big heart and warm smile and I feel so lucky to have gotten to be her senior photographer.

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