Hannah – Nampa High Senior

Meet Hannah! A Nampa High Senior track athlete and a member of my 2020 Street Team. She hopes to go into the coast guard after graduation!

You can typically catch Hannah wearing jeans/leggings/running shorts paired with a sweatshirt and her favorite pair of vans.

Hannah liked very scenic views and wanted to not feel so awkward in front of the camera. She wanted her photos to look natural and effortlessly beautiful! *spoiler alert…nailed it!*

Hannah’s definition of true beauty: “No matter how you look in the morning vs with a full face of makeup the beauty is how you see your inner self. What’s inside of you is what’s truly beautiful.”

Best advice you’ve ever been given “Keep your nose to the wind and don’t eat yellow snow.” (I love this girl haha)

What has been your FAVE high school memory so far? Getting 3rd in state for cheer! That was the hardest 9 months of my life, but worth it!

I mean soooo adorable! PSA: Your fur babies are always welcomed on our photoshoots! I’m crushing on Hannah’s entire session and hope you are too!

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