Coachella Themed Photoshoot

As a creative I LIVE for stylized photoshoots, it’s where I can focus on just shooting creatively for me without the pressure of pleasing the client. That creative freedom is something we all need from time to time. Therefore, I’m highlighting my most recent stylized shoot which was a Coachella themed photoshoot and sharing some tips on how you can pull one off too!

Hair & Makeup By: Jasmine Krueger & Karina Manini

Promo Reel By: Van Marie Media

Models (from left to right): Tehya, Emma, Savannah, Mikayla, Keona and Audra

All students at Nampa High School & Skyview High School 

group of high school girls as friends

Tips on how to pull off a stylized photoshoot:

  1. Get A Clear Vision/Concept! Get on Pinterest or pull out your favorite magazines and start casting a vision and a theme for your shoot.

portrait of girl in white dressprofile of model in white dress walking

2. Plan! Next get even clearer on your vision, write down all the details your will need to figure out; model looks, outfits, hair, makeup, nails, shoes, accessories, props, locations, time of day etc…

Senior Pictures, Outdoor

headshot of high school age girl

3. Approach Vendors: Go through your list and see what things you have available already and what things you could possible collaborate with another business on.

Bonus Tip: When reaching out to vendors be sure you come at them with how you can help them and feature their service/product (not about you!).

model in sunglassess

two girl holding hands and smiling

4. Model Call: Whether you have specific people in mind or you are enlisting social media make sure you are clear on what type of models your are looking for (age, hair color, any characteristics you might want, etc…).

laughing girl with brown hair

Senior Pictures, Outdoor

5. Hold Meeting: Get everyone together that is going to be involved on the day of the photoshoot and go over the details on time, location, hair and makeup times, who needs to bring what etc…

Senior Pictures, Outdoor

6. Expectations: During the meeting and when approaching vendors, make sure you clearly state what is expected of those participating and what they will get in return.

Senior Pictures, Outdoor

7. Clear Communication: It’s a lot of work being the ‘art director, ‘ but it’s your job to make sure everyone is on the same page leading up to the photoshoot. You will also need to plan out the timeline of the shoot (how to handle multiple models if applicable). As well as any details post photoshoot, such as if you borrowed anything from a vendor do you know who is going to return those items and when they need to be returned?

group of girls at table rock boise

six girls hugging in field

8. Hire Help: Or bring an assistant to help you document behind the scenes. You will be very busy organizing and communicating with everyone the day of the photoshoot so make your life easier and take a few things off your list like behind the scenes content.

blonde model smiling outside

9. Deliver: Nothing disappoints more than someone not fulfilling their promises. Make sure you deliver on your promises to vendors and models in a timely matter. Your last impression and the way you made them feel is what they will remember the most!

high school girl posing in floral romper

10. Market, Market, Market! After all the hard work is done make sure everyone has each other’s social media handles to tag and cross promote each other! Also a hand written thank you note to everyone involved expressing gratitude and kindly reminding them how they can share and tag the photos goes a long way!

Behind the scenes video of this shoot!

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