Find The Right Swimsuit For Your Body Type

swimsuit for bodytype

“How to have a bikini body: Get a bikini and put it on your body” 

If the word swimsuit makes you want to run for the hills, then we are soul sisters. Swimsuit shopping is probably one of the hardest and most frustrating things to shop for next to bras and jeans. It can influence our self esteem in a huge way.

Therefore, I want to help with some tips on how to find the right swimsuit for your body type. Let’s leave the dressing room with hope of lots of sunshine and lake activities vs. drowning our sorrows in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

But if you need to do both my friend, just give me a spoon!

For My Curvy Girls:

If you are curvier, but want to dabble in the idea of a two piece I suggest going for high waisted bottoms and a ruffle top or a top with lots of color/detail. The high waisted bottom covers anything you are self conscious of in your mid section and the ruffle/detail top draws the eyes upwards and away from the things we don’t love.

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For My “Blessed Up Top” Girls:

Try a halter top which will add support and the v-neckline will slim down the appearance of the girls. Also opt for a bottom that has panels on the side (color block or mesh) to continue the illusion of the line down the center of the body.

curvy girl swimsuitPic source

If You Feel Like You Have A ‘Boyish” Figure:

Create your curves! Opt for a top that you can tie to push the girls together more. Also look for bottoms with a higher cut on the hips to create the illusion of more hips. You can also look for bottoms with a ‘scrunch’ in the back.

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There are also lots of cute options for one pieces if you need a little more coverage. One website I highly recommend for their swimwear is Aerie. They do not retouch any of their models which I think is so amazing! Plus I love their line!

summer beach day with friends

Whatever style you go for, remember we are ALL insecure about different parts of our bodies. When you are confident and enjoying the time with your friends and whatever summer activity you are doing, people will not be focusing on the things you are worried about, trust me!


Comment below your favorite places to shop for swimwear!

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