Skyview Senior Photography – Marina

Marina is a 2022 Skyview Senior involved in choir! Some of her favorite memories being Friday night football games. Marina is most excited about traveling as much as she can after graduation.

She plans to take a year off before pursuing her education in pre-med and I know she is going to be so successful at anything she does!

Marina is definitely a city girl so we spent most of out time and looks downtown Boise, but she still wanted lots of variety and some looks with a country background as well. I loved Marina’s confidence in front of the camera and she is full of energy so it makes the photoshoot vibes so fun! Mom was also with us, (I love having your mom or bffs there to help with everything and take lots of behind the scenes of your special day!).

Let’s start with highlights from her first outfit and a few Q&A’s:

What is your definition of true beauty? “Honesty and kindness.”

How would you describe your personality in 3 words? “Energetic, caring and independent.”

What are your favorite classes in school? “Any type of Science.”

Why did you choose MNP for your senior portraits? “Your pictures are always stunning and after we first talked I just got a real good vibe from you.”

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