Street Team 2023

*Throws Confetti* It’s here!! The Street Team for the class of 2023 is officially open!

If you are interested in learning more, sign up for a FREE zoom meeting that you and your parent can attend to chat all about what it looks like to be a Michelle Nichols Photography Street Team Member!

>>>>>>>>>>> Let’s Meet Up! <<<<<<<<<<<<

Why did I start Street Team? In high school I craved a place where I felt like I belonged. Where I could celebrate fashion and beauty without feeling judged. Where I could be a part of a community with my peers where I felt supported and not competitive with.

So I started Street Team for that girl in high school now looking for that exact same thing.

What is Street Team? This year long program is all about YOU. No seriously. No icky sales pitches, no point system requirements, no minimum referrals in order to get perks. Just celebrating you. We have meet-ups, fun group photo shoots, fashion and makeup classes, all the while laughing too much and building our friendships.

Along the way you’ll walk away with plenty of beautiful, stylish and unique images that you will want to share everywhere!

Who is the perfect Street Team Member? My Street Team is made up of a group of high school age girls who are in our area (Treasure Valley Idaho) and who share similar interests. My girls come from all walks of life. Girls who are at the top of their classes, and girls who have overcome learning disabilities. Cheerleaders, basketball players, singers, artists and fashionistas.

There is no pressure to fit any one mold on my Street Team. I’m just looking for positive girls who like building other girls up and who get excited about fashion, makeup and photoshoots with their best friends.

If that sounds like you I would LOVE to meet up with you and your parent to go over the details.

>>>>>>> Let’s Chat! <<<<<<<

*Must be in the graduating class of 2023 or currently in high school for the 2022-2023 year and live in or be able to travel to the Treasure Valley, Idaho. Example: Eagle, Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell.

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